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Landscape Ecology has a long tradition in German-speaking countries which goes back to the first half of the 20th century. Being a key subject mainly for geographers, the methods of this traditional approach became widely applied in landscape planning and other disciplines that deal with landscape analysis. However, in the early 80's Landscape Ecology was 'reinvented' in the English-speaking world and has developed to be one of the key issues in modern day ecology. Since then, great advances have been made in the development of new theoretical and methodological approaches. Our aim is to bring together the various concepts of Landscape Ecology and to promote a deeper understanding of landscape ecological issues.

The Specialist Group 'Landscape Ecology' was founded during the 34th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society GfOE in Giessen. Although this group is going to be one of the Specialist Groups organised within the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is open for GfOE-members and non-members alike, no matter from where they are.

In 2004, the founding members discussed their ideas on the objectives of this new group in a first meeting. In a first exchange of views it became obvious that in European Landscape Ecology there is a need for a platform that promotes discussions and cooperation of landscape ecologists in general. Besides pure natural-scientific approaches, integrative analyses based on, e.g., Natural Science and Social Science are of particular interest. Other topics of interest are, e.g., spatio-temporal scaling issues in modelling and applied science.

You are invited to join us!

Information leaflet (September 2008)


Prof. Dr. Rainer Waldhardt
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