Conservation & Restoration

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Conservation & Restoration

The GfÖ-Specialist Group Conservation and Restoration was founded in 2016 in Marburg, where the members assembly decided to merge the SG Conservation (founded 2015 in Göttingen) with the older SG Restoration. Members of GfÖ develop basis knowledge in many fields of ecology and their findings can contribute to improve conservation of biological diversity and restoration of degraded habitats. Our aim is to facilitate discussion among experts and improve the exchange and cooperation between science and practice. To this end, we collaborate with the Professional Institution of Conservation Practice (BBN) and the Federal Agengy for Nature Conservation (BfN) in Germany:

  • To enhance transfer of research finding into practice
  • To compile a catalogue of requirements for beginners in conservation practice
  • To carry out workshops on current and specific topics of conservation
  • To organize joint activities (sessions and panels at annual meetings, public statements on conservation topics)

Our activities so far:

  • Biannual meetings with BBN and BfN in Frankfurt
  • GfÖ-Bridging Workshop on „Bridging Science and Practice in Conservation“
  • Workshop on „Defining conservation – a reflection of motivations and trade-offs in conservation“
  • Joint session with BBN and BfN at the annual GfÖ-meeting in Marburg
  • Open panel at the „Conservation Practice Day of Germany“ in Magdeburg

Contact Conservation:

Dr. Juliane Vogt

Contact Restoration:

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kollmann