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Ecological Society (GfÖ)

The Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Gesellschaft für Ökologie, GfÖ) is an independent scientific organisation that was founded in 1970.

The GfÖ pursues the following aims:

  • promoting basic and applied ecological sciences
  • encouraging collaboration across ecological disciplines
  • improving communication among ecologists in German-speaking countries and beyond
  • facilitating education in ecology at universities and institutions of higher education
  • fostering application and implementation of ecological knowledge in practice
  • representing ecological interests in the public sphere

You can find an overview of our tasks and aims in our flyer, along with an introduction of our executive board and our publikations.

The Ecological Society is member of the European Ecological Federation (EEF), INTECOL and Dachverband Agrarforschung (DAF).