Forest Ecology

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Forest Ecology

The working group Forest Ecology was established in 2012 at the annual meeting of the German Ecological Society in Lüneburg. All aspects of ecological research in forests are of interest, i.e. the interactions between forest organisms and with their abiotic environment. Our topics include managed forests, forests that were left aside and old-growth forests of all climatic zones. Natural and anthropogenic disturbances, both of which drive forest dynamics, are of special interest. It is a major objective of the working group to facilitate the mutual exchange of forest ecologists. The discussions at our meetings cover methodical questions, basic considerations about the functionality of forests, their adaptation to climate change, but also various aspects of a sustainable management of forests addressing multiple objectives and goals which may vary between woodland owners.

Since its establishment in 2012 the working group forest ecology organizes regular sessions at the annual meetings of the German Ecological Society and holds meetings for the working group members at alternating locations early April each year.


Franka Huth

Institut für Waldbau und Waldschutz

Fachrichtung Forstwissenschaften, Fakultät Umweltwissenschaften TU Dresden

Michael Bredemeier

Centre für biodiversity and sustainable land use (CBL)

University of Göttingen