Plant Population Biology

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Plant Population Biology

The GfÖ-Specialist Group Plant Population Biology (short: PopBio) was founded in 1988. Our aims are the promotion of modern research in population biology, national and international scientific exchange in this field, and the promotion of young researchers. We are interested in population ecology and population genetics and aim to connect with related disciplines such as evolutionary ecology, biogeography, biosystematics, and conservation biology. Particularly pleasant is the demographic structure of our Specialist Group, with a balanced gender ratio, many young faces, and an increasing number of international colleagues.

The Annual Meeting of our Specialist Group, which takes places every year in late May/early June, has already a long tradition. In the last years, this meeting has become more and more international, with participants from all over Europe. Our Specialist Group also organizes symposia at the Annual GfÖ meeting or at other scientific meetings.

The 36th meeting of our Specialist Group, PopBio 2024, is planned for 02-04 May 2024 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany.


Dr. Solveig Franziska Bucher & Dr. Tobias Sandner

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