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Expert group on ecosystem research

The expert group on ecosystem research focuses on interactions between organisms and their environment. This includes research on the influence of environmental cues (e.g., temperature, precipitation, nutrient availability) on individual organisms and populations (mainly plants, insects and microbial organisms) but covers also interactions with other organisms, like competition or facilitation, herbivory and disease. Investigations on the influence of anthropogenic activities and disturbances, like land-use change or air pollution, on important ecosystem processes are also highly relevant for the specialist group on ecosystem research. Process responses to environmental cues provide mechanistic insights into ecosystem functioning across a range of observational and organisational scales, spanning resource allocation and growth dynamics in organisms to entire ecosystems.


The expert group on ecosystem research offers an open platform for exchange and discussion on ecophysiological research topics. We seek to facilitate the establishment of experimental networks and encourage sharing of existing of planned research facilities and/or field experiments. Additionally, we actively promote international collaborations on ecophysiological research activities.


In addition to regular group meetings at the annual GfÖ conferences we envision organising thematic workshops on timely issues as a means to initiate collaborative projects and publications. Topics and organisational details on planned workshops will be posted here.



e-mail: gfoe(at)plant-ecology.de